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post Math | 6-min-Read
Want to Stop Over-Eating: Learning Fractions can Help

Like Mazie, we sometimes don’t know how much of our food to share and how much to keep for ourselves.

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post Family | 2-min-Read
The Secret to Keeping Your Job Longer

Don’t try to point out the wrong or make a correction to someone. Just work with the flow and move along.

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post Family | 3-min-Read
You’ll be Sorry if You Miss This Advice from a Contentious Housewife

Don’t ever say a bad thing about you lips, your eyes, your legs or your hips those words will attached to every .....

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post Tech | 3-min-Read
What is a URL

Just as how you need an address to send a birthday card to; you also need an address to locate a file or to download music from the internet.

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