The Secret to Keeping Your Job Longer

Don’t try to point out the wrong or make a correction to someone. Just work with the flow and move along.

By: Janet Hall
2022-07-18 | 2-min-Read
Don’t tell me to shut up
cause I am the one who normally speak up
I speak on the behalf of my colleagues and friends
and get a pat on my back
for being their good defense.

Don’t tell me I talk too much
cause right is right and wrong is wrong
and for these I feel very strong.

I speak out against injustice
I speak out when you’re being a hypocrite
I speak against violence
I speak against crime
I speak against immorality
and I speak against indignity
But what I did not know is
sometimes I should refrain from being so bold.

I didn’t know that in reality
the wrong things are sometimes disguised
and sweep under the carpet
and some people don’t mind
cause it's not on their door-step
so they play blind

Being a hypocrite was the way of life
just dress up and be nice
Don’t try to point out the wrong
or make a correction to someone
just work with the flow and move along
cause the very day you expose someone
you will be given your termination.

Make sure to obey and try not to be late
Complete all your task on time
even if it means you won’t sleep for the night
Check if you qualify for a break
for if you take one, you’ll be shown the gate
And remember, you are just another employee
once you become sick
and you can't fix it
you will be replaced very quick

Make sure to swallow your pride
and close your mouth as quickly as you bite
and don’t you forget to play blind
to the things you see or hear inside.

You may not want to comply
because you have values that you live by.
Then go ahead and expose those whom you rely
cause tomorrow you may just die.

Don’t get upset with me
cause the bible said it right
in Proverbs 13 verse 3:
he who keepeth his mouth keepeth his life.
And at that time you will surely get it right,
if only you knew
you would keep your mouth tight.

Yes, my dear
this is a warning to you.
When you go to Rome do like the Romans do.
But if your values are too high
and you can’t be a hypocrite too
then there’s the gate, you are free to go through

Hush, and don't you cry
cause there are many more opportunities waiting outside
when one door closes more will open
Just wipe your tears and try again
If you believe and work for it
then you will definitely achieve it.

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