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Escovitch Sea Fish

JM$  4500

Precooked Ackee

JM$  1200

Roasted Breadfruit

JM$  1500

Jamaican Bammy

JM$  1300

Healthy Snacks


Crispy Gizzada

JM$  1600


It has been many years since some of us haven't smell the peppery, authentic, savory flava of outside cooking; not to mention the real Jamaican wood fire steam fish and fry breadfruit.

Many of us can't bother to roast the breadfruit instead we leave it to over-ripe or withered in the fridge. It is too much work. Working mothers have their hands tied up with work, house chores and children assignments.

Let us help you with the cooking. We will clean up the sea fish and chicken. We will burn our fingers roasting the breadfruit. We will slice and fry the bammy for you. Take some time and rest you weary feet. Remember when you travelling to carry some for your friends and family a foreign. Delivery is free so get enough.

Product Sampling provides the opportunity for each customer to sample their favorite product. Since it is an online community, there is no in-store sampling thus, limiting the interaction with potential customers. Despite this, our customers can specify which product they want to sample and receive it with their order.

By providing customers with our products and allowing them to experience the flava is important in building a positive relationship.
Customers can choose one sample at any time from the product listing below.

  1. Soft Crunchy Festival
  2. Buttery Roasted breadfruit (fried)
  3. Crusty and Flavorful Bammy (fried)
  4. Fried Chicken
  5. Zesty Fried Trout
  6. Onion Twisted Eggs

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Our Roasted Breadfruit are grown locally on breadfruit trees. Nothing is added to the breadfruit. It is picked, washed, roasted, peeled, sliced and packed. It is a perishable item. Keep frozen. Read More

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